Solid Carbide Hi-Efficiency End Mill , multi-functional , 4 flutes #939(DS-100-100-4FHE) (Artikelnummer: DS-100-100-4FHE)

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Solid Carbide Hi-Efficiency End Mill , 4  Flutes


 Order No. Cut diameter  (mm) Shank diameter  (mm) Length of cut (mm) Overall length  (mm)
DS-060-060-4FHE 6 6 17 57
DS-080-080-4FHE 8 8 23 63
DS-100-100-4FHE 10 10 25 72
DS-120-120-4FHE 12 12 28 83
DS-160-160-4FHE 16 16 35 92


Multi-Functional & Hi-Efficiency End  Mill

Multi-Function: Performs outstandingly both in slotting and  side-milling both for roughing and finishing

Hi-Efficiency:  Fluent chip evacuation design makes the chip treated in the most  appropiate way.The unequal blade spacing eliminates the harmonic  vibration. Thusly the cutting depth , width and feed speed can be  boosted (slotting efficiency increased 3-4 times , side milling more  than 50%)

Ultra-Precision: The geometry makes the  machining stable and smooth , improves the workpieces`s finish and  precision.

This  End Mill apply widely in machining of Carbon Steel , Alloy Steel ,  Tool Steel and Stainless Steel in the annealed or tempered  condition.

Hard  milling materials like Titanium or Superalloy are able to be worked  out excellently as well with the coating updated to Balzer`s ALNOVA  .


Please contact us for Specification and  Recommended Cutting Data.  


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Scope of delivery:
• 1 pc Solid Carbide  HE-End Mill , please choose size above             


Industrial quality, fully hardened and  smoothed
New product in very good quality.
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