We are pleased to welcome you in the new online shop of Alles Gute Trading & Holding Ltd. & Co. KG welcome.

The customer data from the old online shop has not been transferred to the new one. Please register again.

Our products are standard parts. Therefore, we would like to point out that they may differ from the pictures. Accordingly, do not buy from the pictures, but from the standard number.

If you are a dealer, please send us your company data with the trade license in advance, so that we can activate you as a dealer. As a dealer you get a dealer discount.

If you are a business customer from EU with VAT-ID-number (except Germany), we also deliver the order without VAT. When ordering, please let us know your VAT-ID-number so we can check the number beforehand and have them confirmed by the tax office. You will then receive an order confirmation if the information about this number agrees with the invoice recipient in the order.

You can also contact us in advance so that we can register you as a dealer customer with a VAT-ID-number.

If you have any questions, please contact us before buying.


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